Top 5 dramas of 2018


I’ve been watching dramas for 18 years and this has been the worst year in drama-land (for me). I’m sure there are really good ones out there that I should take some time to watch but I’m not feeling it anymore. I never thought that I can ever do top 5 for my year end list. A few years back, I had many dramas that I couldn’t decide which ones should be on my top 10 but this year, I didn’t have 10 dramas to put on my list. So here are my top 5 and let’s just roll with what 2019 has in store for me. 

  1. Terius Behind me – Korean


Here are my other dramas, Something In the Rain, Legend of Yun Xi, and Mr. SunshineWith these 4 dramas, I had to pick one for my top 5.

As much as I enjoyed Something in the Rain, it was way too long to even say I really liked it because the story took so long to build up the suspense. The couple were the only thing that made this show good and if there were more suspense or maybe cut an episode or 2 down, it would have been really good.  That’s just my opinion.

Legend of Yun Xi was a drama that I picked up because I was really bored. Even though, I finished the drama (a lot of fast forwarding), it didn’t leave any feelings. It was a drama that killed time while I had nothing to watch.

Mr. Sunshine, I had high hopes for this drama.  I watched it till the last 2 episodes and read the recaps only. All the actors were phenomenal but the storyline was slow. I can write a whole 2 pages of how much I didn’t like this drama but I’m going to leave it that, Mr. Sunshine did me wrong in so many ways.

With that, leaves me Terius Behind Me. This show was consistent from beginning to end. Unlike Mr. Sunshine, the couple had a few hugs and starring scenes which I didn’t think it was that cute. No kisses in both dramas, however, Terius Behind Me had the nose kisses that made it seal the deal. Terius was able to sell the hero story, love story, babysitting story, ajummas (neighborhood) story, spy story, and stay-at-home to working mom story. It was serious at some point yet it was all comedy that fits well for me. I don’t watch comedy shows that often so this one kept me going and I’m glad I was able to finish it without having the feeling of not wanting to watch it or stalling it for a week or so.

Also, I’m a huge fan of So Ji Sub, so that’s another reason why I stayed till the end.

  1. The Crown Princess – Thai


My favorite couple of all time. Nadech and Yaya never fails to amaze me. Although there is one drama that I haven’t watch because I’m not into the whole switching body thing. It’s on my list to watch later, and I mean LATER (2-3 years). However, The Crown Princess was so good. The cinematography was amazing for a Thai drama. Everything was beautiful from places, to outfits, to houses, and even the beaches. The fighting scenes had improved a lot so KUDOS to Nadech and Yaya.

This is sort of a remake. Ann was in the 1st version and she’s the director in this new version. That woman is very talented from acting to directing. She wows me every time but I miss her as an actress.  Anyhow, if you want a Thai drama that is not a slap/kiss and bitching all the time between bitches, this one will be good to watch.  I’m glad that Ann sort of changed the storyline a bit on some scenes which goes pretty well with the story.  Also, Ann had Yaya be a badass queen. Nadech always look so damn handsome in suits. Nadech and Yaya love scenes are incredible.

When they smile, I smile, when they laugh, I laugh, when they cry, I cry, when they are hurt, I am hurt too. It doesn’t even matter what drama they are in, if they are together, I feel those emotions with them.

Writing my thoughts, I want to go back and watch it again!

  1. Game Sanaeha – Thai


I love James Jirayu and I’ve seen most of his dramas. This is my first time watching Taew. I never really find her appealing as a main actress but this girl made me eat my words.

I watched this drama with my sister (not together but at the same time in different State) and we both were constantly talking about this drama for weeks. It’s one of those dramas that you want to go inside of it and bitch slap a few people. It was frustrating to watch but it was so hard to walk away from it too.

Pra’ek’s love for Nai’ek was pretty clear from the start. She was very bitter about everything especially when she feels that her parents love pra’ek more. Yet she doesn’t realize that her parents will always love her because she is their only child. Their love for pra’ek is different than their love for her. She had to lose him and her baby to figure that out. Who makes a damn deal that if you promise to leave me than I’ll give you this child? In what mind does a woman says that?  TAEW!  (her character) I will never give up my child because I’ll be losing James too.  That boy is fine as heck.  I’m getting off track here….. 🙂

One thing I learned from this drama is that sometimes love isn’t the only thing that holds onto a marriage. We all have different kind of love and you can love someone and not be with them forever.  Sometimes being their best friend is the kind of love that works better. The parents showed that in this drama, it is okay to divorce as long you both are mutual and no longer have that linger feelings for one another. Even though there is a child involved, both parents must still do their due diligence and make sure the child is still at their best interest.

I’ve only watched this drama once but my sister has watched it like 3 times or maybe more.  That’s how much she loved it!

  1. Ashes of Love — Chinese


This drama torn my heart into pieces yet I loved every moment of it.  Some people may argued that Ten Miles is better but I’m one of the few that loves Ashes of Love more.  I can understand why some choose Ten and some will choose Ashes.  The storyline is similar to Ten but here are the reasons why I love Ashes of Love more.

  1. No amnesia
  2. They didn’t die (or disappear) 3 times
  3. The main hero fights for what he wants even when people were against his ideas.
  4. The 2nd lead had evil intentions because of his love for the main girl but he became good after realizing that his love is an obsession and the main hero never wanted the throne.
  5. Although, the main heroine was a bit childish in the beginning (maybe halfway), just seeing her grow throughout the drama, makes me love her more at the end.
  6. I love that the drama show how sad the OTP were without each other yet they were always with each other spiritually.
  7. OTP accused each other for all the bad things at first but they do trust each other enough to find out the truth.
  8. The bad people are also the good people — who only wants a great leader to rule their world.
  9. The evil girl gets what she deserves at the end
  10. Most of all, OTP’s love for each other is undeniable.


  1. Meteor Garden – Chinese


I’m going to keep this one short since I just posted the reasons why I loved this version. Call me “biased” on this one because clearly, it’s one of the best storyline out there (IMO). I know there are many people who hated this drama or can’t stand it but this drama killed it (in a good way) for me. New actors killed it! Storyline killed it! Main girl killed it! Gain a lot of new fans for the drama and the actors. Even though, people think BOF was the 1st one or this was the copy of BOF.  Just a reminder the 1st version was the Taiwanese version in 2002. What I loved about this drama the most is that they removed the bully and amnesia, so it’s a big win!


Overall, dramas were a’ight this year. Nothing really stood out. However, Show Me the Money 777 was amazing. If I can put this show in my top 5, I would.


I promised to update my blog on GD’s concert (last year) and Korea’s trip & Thailand’s trip but I’ve been very busy since then. However, I’m taking another trip soon so I’ll probably type something up on my long flight.

Until next time, take care and wish everyone a happy holiday!!!!!

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Meteor Garden (2018)


It’s been a few months since this drama ended and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to write about it. However, after a long dilemma, I decided to write about it. I wanted to express my feelings towards this version compare to the other versions so people will know if it’s worth watching it. Meteor Garden is probably my top 3 storyline of all-time favorite. I’ve seen all the versions including the United States one that failed miserably. That’s one version that I won’t get into. I was really excited for this remake and even more excited because it’s Chinese (Whooo Whooo). I’ve been loving Chinese dramas more than Korean dramas the last 3 years now so I was ready to put my feet up and turn on Netflix (more props to them).

I was even more eager to watch Meteor Garden since Shen Yue (starred in A Love is Beautiful also an awesome drama too) is playing Shancai. The F4 were all newbies which I was a bit skeptical about it but I’m always up for new faces. I wanted Kris Wu as Daoming Si since he resemble the Dao Ming Si in 2002 but Didi did an amazing job. Overall, F4 carries this show more than anyone else.

I’m not going to explain the storyline because it has been done too many times so please google the summary of this drama if you have never seen a version. Instead, I’ll answer to some questions that I saw on some of the forums and I wanted to share my 2cents.



1. What did I think about this version? There were a lot of things that were changed yet Angie (PD) stick to the book as much as possible.

  • Daoming Si is smarter and makes money on his own. (Big win on this one)
  • No amnesia. (HUGE win on this one)
  • Lots of kisses between Shancai and Daoming (even though the kisses were kind of bland, I’ll overlooked it since Didi is the 2 nd person that Shen Yu kissed in whole entire life.)
  • Shancai’s love confession to Daoming
  • The two bitches weren’t that mean and they were less annoying.
  • The bromance is an A+.
  • Thank you Angie for this one because I waited 17 years for this to happen……
    Ximen and Xiaoyou finally gets a happy ending! (a standing ovation)

2. What did I think about F4?

  • By the end of the drama, my love for them grew from 0 to 100. Didi is just way too cute. He played Daoming Si to the T. Kudos to him and the F3. I do find that their friendship in this version is much more precious. They did a lot more for each other. Either if it’s friendship, family, or love, they had each other’s back.



3. What did I think about Lei’s love for Shancai?

  • I truly believe he does love her. At one point, he’s fallen in love with her but F4 will never break that friendship over a girl. Yes, even if it’s Shancai. Lei had his chance and he let Daoming take her from him. I think that Lei being the more calm and understanding one let Shancai go just because he wasn’t ready for a relationship. Lei was still madly in love with Jiang. With that said, I think Lei wouldn’t make Shancai happy anyways since Shancai is up-in- the-air and too crazy for Lei. I’m glad to see the friendship between Lei and Shancai though. Lei will always be the sweet friend for Shancai and Daoming. Most importantly, when Shancai is hurt, Let has her back physically yet Lei has Daoming’s back spiritually. (you’ll have to watch this drama to know what I mean)



4. What did I think about the Ximen and Xiaoyou?

  • Although they did end up together in this one, I felt that the storyline about them was sort of rushed because they spent like 10 episodes on Mei Zuo and Ciana. (ANGRY!) I rather have 10 episodes of Ximen and Xiaoyou over Mei Zuo and Ciana. Plus, Mei Zuo and Ciana didn’t even end up together. Waste of time! Anyhow, I’m glad that Ximen confronted his own feelings and confessed to Xiaoyou. The best part was leaving his past behind where it all should have started between Ximen and his ex-girlfriend or friend and starting all over with Xiaoyou who he’s been crazy in love with. Ximen has always been the perfect guy but I love that he was trying to do something sweet for her and failed which made him a bit frustrated. It turned out just fine at the end because Xiaoyou reminded Ximen that she’s not those hoodrats that Ximen has one night stand with. Ximen does not have to be perfect for Xiaoyou. Anyhow, they are just too cute together! (I miss Rainie Yang who played Xiaoyou in 2002 more than anything and I still follow her on FB till today.)

5. What did I think about the OST?

  • It brought back so many memories from the 2002 version. Listening to 2002 OST and singing along with it, it felt like it was just yesterday. 2018 OST was just as amazing as 2002. Can I just give a big high five to Caesar Wu, please? That man can sing.



6. Which version is the best?

  • For me, of course, 2002. Even though this one was different and had a better buildup and storyline, this version wouldn’t happened if 2002 didn’t happened. So I have to stick to the original version but thumps up for 2018 version. 2002 is the reason that I watched all the other versions too.



7. Which F4 were the hottest?

  • Oooohhhhhh. This is a very good question. Hhhhhmmmm. I’ll have to say, 2018 F4. I can’t say NO to Didi. He’s so adorable. F3 were cute too and they just played the character really well. As newcomers, props to them!

8. Which Shancai do I like the most?

  • The 2002. No doubt! Barbie Hsu raised the bar so high as Shancai and I just don’t see anyone being such a badass like her. I read that some people think the Japanese version, she was more likable which I agreed but I don’t think the Japanese version, she was a badass. She fought back and stood her ground but she didn’t do much justice to win the battle.



9. Which Daoming Si do I like the most?

  • Definitely this version. I love this character so much because he was mean (with good intention) but he wasn’t evil. He was mean to whom he feels like a threat to him, his friends, and his girl. Daoming can be nice and tries his best to do what he can to please everyone yet he doesn’t let anyone walk over him like an idiot. DiDi portrayed Daoming so well with all these emotions. I felt every emotion with him. So I have to give it to DiDi.

10. Overall thoughts

  • I watched this drama with my 9 year old son so this was a bit more fun than usual. I’m glad that I didn’t turn my head the other way. I went into this drama with less  expectation just because Korean version did me so wrong. Thank you Lord, 2018 version was much better than expected. Hats off to the actors, producers, directors, and the crew.

— Rated: 10/10

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Something in the Rain (Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food)


What I love about this drama is that the 2 main characters fell in love with each other regardless of their relationship status and their age difference.  They helped each other filled in the empty gap in their life.  This shows proves that dating within your own personal circle is a lot more complicated than it seems.  You have to deal with the person that you are dating and the person that you have personal ties with.  In this situation, the main female lead, Jin-ah is dating her best friend’s little brother, Joon-hee.   (This is why people were always skeptical when someone wants to date a best friend or relative because you don’t just break up each other, you also break up families and friends.)

Deep down, I want to believe that Jin-ah became a woman in this relationship but the moment the couple weren’t together anymore, she fell apart as a woman.  Even though, Jin-ah was able to overcome a few things in life such as moving out to live on her own, making decision on her own, and being able to admit to her best friend that she’s in love with the little brother.  However, Jin-ah wasn’t able to prove to me that she was able to carry all those weight without Joon-hee.  This show should be name, “My life is incomplete without my best friend’s little brother.”

I do love that we get to see Joon-hee grows as a person.  From a boy to a man while falling in love with Jin-ah.  Joon-hee was a happy go-getter person.  He brought so much light into Jin-ah’s life.  He was the main reason why she was happier and took more risk in life.  Joon-hee was a chicken and left her all alone in Korea to face the shame.  He felt that leaving was going to solve the problem.

After a few years, Joon-hee returns to Korea just to see Jin-ah back to square one except she was dating a rich guy this time.  Joon-hee was disappointed in her and I was disappointed in her.  I wanted Joon-hee to eat his words and just be bitter that she was doing great without him.  However, Joon-hee seeing Jin-ah unhappy, makes him unhappy.  Matter worse, she wanted to be friends with him again.  He couldn’t bring himself to agree because he felt that she didn’t love him enough to leave with him.  Little he knows, she didn’t agree to go with him because her whole world is in Korea and leaving Korea will just create more problems.


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if everyone is happy but if you are not happy, then I’m not happy either.

The drama does have a happy ending.

Pros: The love scenes between the main couple is freaking fantastic. Their scenes together can make the world happy.  In my opinion, Joon-hee carried the show.

Cons: I hated Jin-ah. I hated that she didn’t give Joon-hee a chance to prove that he loves her just as much as she loves him. I hated that she took all the burden on her shoulder. She made Joon-hee seems like he wasn’t capable of admitting his love for her to his sister and her parents. For that, she suffered so much from all sides. I don’t hate Joon-hee but I disliked that through all the obstacles that they went through, he left her because he couldn’t handle the pressure from everyone.

Make up: I’m glad to see that Joon-hee hated the fact that she was unhappy with the new boyfriend. He expected her to be happy and living the life without him. Most importantly, I love that they both were still angry with each other that they couldn’t come to an agreement on the title of their relationship and that led them to speak (or yell) about their feelings. They both had their own reason(s) on why they felt angry with each other. Once again, Joon-hee does the chasing after hearing the voicemail from a few years ago that Jin-ah left him saying….. she loves him and only him.


Overall, I liked the drama but I didn’t love it. It was a random drama that I picked up on Dramafever. The drama is pretty solid so if you want something to kill time, then watch it. The only thing that got me through this drama is all the love scenes and of course, Joon-hee’s smile…… rate: 7/10



Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms review


This drama was highly rated in 2017. Yet, I waited because I wanted the hyped to die down first. After scrolling through Viki, Dramafever, and Netflix for a week or so now, I decided that it was time to turn on Ten Miles and sucked it up to get pass the 2nd episode. Believe it or not, this is my 4th time attempting to finish the 2nd episode and it took me 4 days to finished this drama. I started watching it because of all the Youtube videos of the main couple having extremely crazy chemistry. I have to admit, their love for each other is insane.

Story starts with Si Yin arriving to the Ku Lun Mountain to be Mo Yuan’s disciple. I don’t know the whole backstory as to why her mother sent her there since I skipped episode 4 to 7 but she grew up after living with Mo Yuen for many years. Even though, she always has something up her sleeve, Mo Yuan always helps her and forgives her and only give her a small punishment every time. However, this couple lived their happy moments only for a short period of time. Mo Yuan sacrificed himself to save the world and falls into a coma for a very long time. Si Yin takes (stole/kidnapped) Mo Yuan’s body back to her hometown.

After the sacrificed, Mo Yuan soul is scatter everywhere. I don’t know if this mean, one of his soul is reborn or he had to die for his twin to be born (read below on the twin story) but the 1st prince’s wife gave birth to a son in the Celestial Tribe. The son’s name is Ye Hua who happens to become the crown prince. He looks exactly like Mo Yuan. Si Yin has gone back to being Bai Qian of Qing Qiu. Before Mo Yuan sacrificing himself, he told Si Yin a secret that the bell is to re-open every 70,000 years and there’s only 1 way to seal it.

The king put a strict training on Ye Hua since he was little but every test he gets, he passed. So he grew up with no love and shows coldness to everyone. After 70,000 years, Ye Hua is an adult and he is ready to adventure into the mortal world. At the same time, Bai Qian goes to seal the bell and Ye Hua goes to mortal land to fight the monster. Bai Qian failed and the bad guy, Qing Cang attacks her by sending her off to become a normal girl and erase all her memories. So she ends up living in the mortal world where Ye Hua also gets injured and decided to rest in the mortal world. She finds Ye Hua and takes him in to cure him but he’s not in a human form. He became a little dragon which she thinks it’s a snake. Later on, he wanted to come back in a human form and repays her back. He found a way and end up staying with her for a while. To sum it up, she asked him to marry her since she didn’t want to be alone and of course, he said yes. Also, Ye Hua named her Su Su since she didn’t have a name.


Overall, he tries his best to protect her but she was able to bypass his magic and landed herself right inside the Celestial Tribe. The only reason the King kept her alive is because she’s pregnant. It is Ye Hua’s child. However, there is Ye Hua’s childhood friend, Su Jin who is in love with him and she cannot stand the site of Su Su. She tries to sabotage Su Su. The punishment for Ye Hua and Su Su is to take Su Su’s eyes and give it to Su Jin.  Also, Ye Hua gets punished by the lighting strikes for 30 years. He doesn’t tell Su Su that he was also punished so Su Su gave birth and decides to leave Ye Hua. She jumped into the pithole, Su Su wakes up to Zhe Yan (the genius doctor) and asked for the “forget” medicine which she drinks later.

My thoughts on each couple:

Si Yin and Mo Yuan: That relationship was so strong but it ended short. Mo Yuan protects Si Yin and the world with his life. Si Yin was still gullible about life that she wasn’t able to catch onto Mo Yuan’s feelings. Overall, their master and discipline relationship would have been so great if it was a bit longer. Mo Yuan does come back to life after 70,000 years, however, things have changed a bit. Especially, Bai Qian is no longer Si Yin and Bai Qian is engaged and in love with Ye Hua. We don’t get to see or hear Mo Yuan’s true feelings since he didn’t speak much when he came back to life. My opinion he was in love with her yet he’s willing to let her be happy with Ye Hua.

Mo Yuan explained that Ye Hua looks like him because they are twins. However, Ye Hua didn’t make it when his mom gave birth to them so his Heavenly Father put Ye Hua in the flower and asked Mo Yuan to take care of it. That probably explained why every time Si Yin touches the flower it blooms and shines/glitters. They are soulmate!


Su Su and Ye Hua: I have a love and hate feeling for this couple. They both loved each other unconditionally. They’ll move the moon and stars for each other. However, Ye Hua reminds me of Bai Zihua (The Journey of Flower). If you love Ye Hua, you’ll love Bai Zihua. The reason is due to their lack of affection through their mouth (words). Their action speaks way louder than their words. How the fudge she going to know you sacrificed so much and went through hell so many times if she ain’t there to see it? Ye Hua will do anything for Su Su when it’s just the two of them but if Ye Hua was to step up and go head to head against the King, it ain’t going to happen.

This is where the drama goes downhill for me. I get it! Ye Hua love Su Su and he’s madly in love with her. He can careless about the child (I mean, he loves his child). His whole life, there was never love in it and for once, Su Su showed him love. He was not going to give it up that easy yet, he didn’t have the guts to go against the King. If I was to choose a battle between Ye Hua or 2nd brother when it came to love, the 2nd brother definitely wins this battle. Even though, 2nd brother was going to be dethroned and sent away, he didn’t care because he wanted to be with the maid.  As long she was with him, he was fine with it. Ye Hua couldn’t and wouldn’t even speak up to defend Su Su at all. Not even once! That makes me mad. How can you love someone so much and as the Crown Prince, you can’t even defend her? You can’t even say, “I don’t believe it and I will investigate to find out the truth.” Why does everyone bow down to Su Jin even though she’s not even born into this family? Why? What is there to be scared of? Ye Hua is the Crown Prince and I swear if he just spoke up a little, the King would have given him a chance to prove Su Su is innocent. Instead, Ye Hua offered a way out by taking Su Su’s eyes and Ye Hua being punished. (Sounds so much like Bai Zihua)

Bai Qian and Ye Hua: Ye Hua never gave up on Su Su and that moment when he feels like it was time to move on, Bai Qian came into his life. It was even better since Bai Qian was his fiancé already. He didn’t have to do much except try to make her fall in love with him. Even though, she doesn’t remember him, he reminds her that she’s the only one he loves. She thinks he’s just being a sweet talker and goes with the flow. However, he moves in with her at Qing Qiu and they really got to know each other. He even took her to live with him at Celestial Tribe just to get a feel of her future home. However, if there’s no drama between these two, then this drama will not last 58 episodes. Short it up, Ye Hua sacrificed himself for her because of Mo Yuan. Ye Hua destroyed the 4 beasts that guard the fungus that cures almost every illness in this drama. He lost an arm for that AND he sacrificed himself for the bell this time. However, Ye Hua is just a bit stronger than Mo Yuan since he beat the 4 beasts, Ye Hua gain some power from that and he was only in a coma (dead so people thought) for 3 years. YES, this drama has a happy ending.

My thoughts on the drama:

I’m glad that I can cross this drama off my watch list. I liked it but I also hated it. I liked the chemistry between the main couple. I liked that Bai Qian is a badass female character that she doesn’t let the bad guy win, ever. If you break her heart once, you are off her “bff” list. She loves the people around her and gets really emotional and stubborn when someone hurts her love ones. I liked that the moment Bai Qian found out that she is Su Su and all the bad things that Su Jin did to her, Bai Qian went to Celestial Tribe for revenge. That was probably the best revenge from a female character that I’ve seen in a Chinese fantasy drama. Also, I love the 2nd couple. They broke my heart into pieces. If anyone were to pick up that storyline and turn it into a drama, I would totally watch it.


I hated the amnesia, twin, dying, coma, and the bitches that always win even though they didn’t lift one finger. I hated that Ye Hua didn’t stand up for Su Su. I hated that he lied to her about who he was for a long time and Su Su end up in a mess when she landed in Celestial Tribe. I hated that Su Su was such a weak character and Ye Hua became weak with her. I hated that Mo Yuan came back to life after 70,000 years to do nothing but save Ye Hua from the dead. However, I think Ye Hua was going to be alive without Mo Yuan help anyways.

Overall, I would rate this show 7 out of 10. If the love story didn’t keep me going, I would rate it at 5 out 10. I actually watched the movie version too and if they extended that 1.5 hours into maybe 3 hours long and covered all the highlights, the movie will have been better. So I get why everyone said, the movie didn’t do justice for the drama. Out of all the couples, I love Bai Qian and Ye Hua the most!

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2017 Dramas review


This year was a flop for me. I’m not sure if it’s me or drama-land.  I watched 15 dramas from start to finish so I rated as most favorite to least favorite.  I picked up a lot of dramas but dropped after the 1st or 2nd episode and I don’t have the urge to pick it back up.  I do find myself going back a couple of years later finishing it.  For now, I’ll just keep moving on with what 2018 has to offer. I didn’t write much about these dramas except my thoughts but if you want more information on any of these dramas, just message me or leave a comment and I will respond.

15.  Ambitious Boss – U Prince Series


It started out so good and then went downhill and came back up a little at the end. I did love that she took time away from both boys and decide on who she really want to be with but come on, a whole freaking year….   Are you kidding me?!!!

The reason why this one is last, although the storyline was better but the acting… NO! It wasn’t bad but then it wasn’t good either.   (If it wasn’t for Push and Aum in Handsome Cowboy then I would have rated that one last instead.)

14.  Handsome Cowboy – U Prince Series


It started out so good and then went downhill and never came back up.   I’m going to leave it at that…..

13.  Single Lawyer – U Prince Series


This one is the best part for me in this series. It’s not too cliché, although, there were a few moments that I wanted to cringe. But I’m happy with this one because it didn’t drag out as much as the other 2 dramas above. It was simple and cut to the chase.

12.  My Mr. Mermaid


I’m including this drama just because I think the couple is super cute together.   I skipped a lot like A LOT. Overall, it a super cute drama. There’s really nothing amazing about it. Two young people falling in love with each other through their help for one another and overcoming their fears.

11.  Mussaya


I tried very hard to remember this lakorn. I remember liking the show but I don’t remember much about the storyline.  To be honest, I watched it for Mik.  It’s a typical lakorn.  Main girl lives with main guy and his family.  Main guy takes care of main girl.  Main girl falls in love with main guy but main guy has a girlfriend already.  However, main girl starts to have guy friends and main guy does not like it and tries everything so she doesn’t hang out with her guy friends.  Of course, main guy and main girl confess and then ran into issues and overcame it and got married.

10.  General and I


This drama is probably the most disappointing show of the year for me.   I’ve never seen AngelaBaby’s drama/movie before but I love Wallace Chung.  Going into it with an open- minded, the 1st 10 minutes of the show, FANTASTIC. Kept me going and wanting more but then 10 episodes later, I find myself skipping. As much as I’m skipping, Angelababy was also running away in the drama. I hate these push and pull dramas. They just make me angry.

I wanted more in this drama. I wanted Angelababy to kick ass. I wanted her to be this smart and intelligent woman. She’s supposed to be one but the drama just didn’t do justice for her character.

Wallace Chung kicked ass and won many wars even the one inside his palace. He took it all and married the woman he loved. The End!

9. Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon


I don’t watch a lot of romantic comedy but I have a thing for Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young on different projects so when I heard they were paired up for this drama, I gave it a shot. It didn’t disappoint me at all. It wasn’t the BEST Korean drama I’ve watched but it was the 1st Korean drama I watched this year. (Hint: you can see on this list that I’ve only watched 2 Korean dramas in 2017.)

It was a super cute and a light drama. It kept me entertained throughout the show.

8.  When the Lost Ones Go?


This drama was good. People stated that it was underrated but I don’t think so in my opinion. Everyone should give it a try if they like A Love Is Beautiful. One thing about this drama is all the actors did an amazing job (not sure if this is their 1st drama).

My heart ache seeing our main hero and heroine cried (inside and outside) for each other but what kept me watching is the reason behind our main hero disappearance and coming back for a 2nd chance. I loved that our main hero is motivated to start all over and our main heroine is willing to pick up where they left off, as long he still loves her. Most of all, I loved that they both decided to take more time with each other being in a relationship. Although everyone was getting married and asking them when are they going to get married too, but they both decided that it’s best to wait until they are both ready for marriage.

Honestly, they love each other and are in love with each other. However, with so many years being apart, they had a lot of catching up to do. They are not who they were in college and I’m happy that our main heroine pointed out that she wants to be with him but she doesn’t want them to get married just because they love each other. They should be getting married for the right reasons such as being committed and being there for each other for the rest of their lives. No matter if either one is having a hard time, they should be there for one another through thick and thin and support each other.

7.  Princess Hours


This one breaks my heart because our main heroine got her heart broken many times. I loved the Korean version so I gave this one a try and I end up loving this version too. Somewhat different but it’s the same kind of feeling. I just wished the “kiss” were a bit real or not look so dang fake. Overall, I was satisfied with this drama.

6.  Suspicious Partner


It was hard to say good bye to this drama and to my cute Ji-Wook. His dramas were either good or very bad. Nothing hyped about it but if you want a good chill, dark, and funny drama then this is it.

For some reason, our main hero has a soft spot for the main heroine. He rejected her but then he’ll think about her and happens to go look for her or be at the same place as her. Even though things didn’t work out in the beginning, they meet in court a few years later

7. Dolunay


This is my 1st Turkish Drama that I finished. I started 3 other ones but I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. I thought Korean and Thai drama were long. OH lord, Turkish drama is much longer but I found out that they have season 1, 2, and even 3. Oh yea, let me point it out too that some episodes are like 2 hours long. It’s crazy!!!

What kept me with this show is the main heroine caring for a child like it’s her own child. It’s not like she needed to do it but she has a good heart to care about people besides herself. Our main hero is pretty straight forward and he doesn’t hide anything. He’s not a mean person but he just doesn’t like to waste his time or anyone’s time trying to figure anything out when it’s pretty simple to just tell how it is.

What I hate about this drama is the push & pull, lies & deceive, and the enemies were always one step ahead of the good guys. It’s like, come on, I need the main hero to be smarter. Our main heroine always backing up her sister when she could have just told the main hero the truth instead of wasting 10 episodes later. Just dang trust the man, he has power in the industry and in the family too!!! (The anger is coming back….)

What I love about this drama is that they took their time. Our main hero knew the only way to keep his nephew was to get married but he didn’t go that route. He fought and lost then decided to find another route. However, when he found out what the main heroine was hiding from him, he finally used that “marriage” card to get his nephew back.  We all know revenge turns into love and that’s exactly what happened with this couple.

4.  Lost Love In Times


I’m going to be real honest. I watched this show for William Chan. Was it worth it? Hmmm. Yes!!! He’s hot. Could it have been better? Oh, YEAH!

There are so many things I can say about this drama, good and bad but I’m going to leave it like this….. It’s a lot better than “The King’s Woman” and “General and I.” This is my opinion only.  (hint:  The King’s Woman is not on this list because I can barely get pass the 1st episode.)

3. Kluen Chee Vit


It’s so good! I hardly watch Mark’s lakorn and Yaya’s lakorn unless she’s paired with Nadech. However, the storyline drawn on me and I watched and waited every week for English sub.

Every episode ripped my heart apart. For a moment there, I’m asking myself, is this a real revenge on Nadech because Nadech hurted his girlfriend Kim in Rang Pratana. (Also, a very good Lakorn) I’ve seen many dramas where our main hero hurt our main heroine with no remorse. I’m glad that this one didn’t go that route of “raped” since I do find it disgusting. (I’ll save my thoughts on that on another post) Although, it was sad that it was a tradeoff, seeing her give up like that was like a dagger to my heart. Even though, he didn’t want to do it and just wanted her to admit her fault. He wanted to be right about everything. His revenge blinded him to see the truth about her and everything around him.

One thing I did not understand, our main hero is a lawyer. I wanted him to act like one but it was just a title for his character.  Lawyers are all about evidences and facts but our main hero only act upon his hatred towards her which I find that kinda dumb. That’s why his revenge lasted 14 episodes.

2.  Because of Meeting You


A story about 2 “unrelated” sisters that cross paths later in life living with each other’s real family. Main heroine is definitely a Cinderella. She happened to live with a woman and a daughter who found her on the street. She’s the good and honest one who took care of mom while the other one lies and pretend to be an orphan.

I don’t watch “amnesia” drama but I gave it a chance because of the actress Yi Sun. The story focused on the good ones fighting fair and square and they are proud of achievements while the bad ones win but are still not satisfied with anything.

Like every typical drama, Cinderella lives happily ever after….. with her real family, her daughter from another mother, and her husband who stuck by her through it all. I’m a sucker for true love. You know a man is a keeper when he will marry you even if you have a daughter and still stay married to you when he found out who were the real parents. I think what made the main hero love her more was the fact that she was able to be a mother to someone else’s child. It’s not about who gave birth to the girl but it was who raised the girl.

1. A Love is Beautiful


Favorite couple of the year. This couple proved that being very different from each other actually works. Rather its height, occupation, intelligence, college, or personality, they accept each other’s flaws and strengths. Although, they both walked away from a small problem and wasted a few years, they both still held onto their love for each other.

What I love about the main heroine is that she’s such a strong minded person and she goes for what she wants. Even though there are a lot of times that she wanted to give up, she gets right back up and tried to find another solution. You can see her passion in the first 5 minutes of drama when she told him that she likes him. He responded, well I don’t like you. She said, I’ll come back when I find a way for you to like me. That’s pretty slick and she did a lot to get his attention and he happened to get on board without noticing it. He starts to get jealous and be protective of her. Another moment is when she was really mad at him and she torn the picture she drew of them into pieces, after crying, she put the pieces together and taped it back up. Gotta love her sassiness.

As for the main hero, we get to see when and how he fell in love with her at the end of the drama (well you didn’t need his explanation to know when he fell in love with her, you can tell when he fell in love through his actions). I love how he explained every single reason. Even though he left her, he came back after 3 years when that program is actually 4 years. He explained that he wanted to hurry up and finish the program because he just couldn’t live without her. He made it clear to his superior that he won’t continue to go aboard because the girl he loves lived here.


***Wow!!!  This took me a whole month to write this blog.  I give prop to all the bloggers that can write recaps almost every day or every other day.  You guys ROCK! ***

I’ll try to be better at updating my blog.  There are a few dramas on this list that I’ll write recaps on it which should be up soon.  I also have to still post my blog about G-dragon’s concert.  I’m very behind but promise to post some picture and videos up on the concert soon.

I’m super excited for my upcoming trip to Korea and Thailand so do expect a blog on my trip there.  See everyone soon!

My Favorite top 10 dramas of 2016

This was one of the best year that had dramas that I loved and enjoyed very much. I probably have seen more dramas in 2016 than the last 3 years. (25 dramas total) Although I was very busy, I’m glad I found the time to watched them.

Every year I hoped for a better year for dramaland but this year proved that it’ll be the year to beat.  I’m sharing one or more of my favorite scene(s) for each drama.

10: Moon Lovers – Korean


No words are needed at this moment. Action speaks louder! His cape was her umbrella and he was her shining armor while everyone else watches from afar because they were too afraid to go up against the King.

9: Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds – Korean


Every moment they get to spend time together is special. The interaction and chemistry was on to point and let me said, extremely HOT. I definitely love this part where he knew he was a she and he’s ready to move her position from an enuch to a lover.  Now that was pretty slick move there, Prince!

8: Karn La Krang Newg – Thai


I love that he’s super tall so when he lift her up like a child, it’s like saying, he swept her off her feet. Just like that!

7. Marriage Contract – Korean


He gave up his fortune and rich to be with her and her daughter. Giving up wealth for love is the most honor thing a man can do for the woman he loves, in dramaland.

6. Love O2O – Chinese


Probably one of my favorite couple of the year because every time they are online or offline, it’s all smiles! (acting can be a bit better but I’ll take it) Never trick the genius because they’ll trick you right back and all you can do is obey to his command.

My top 5 dramas this year were the most difficult decision I had to make since I started my top 10 drama list 4 years ago. I can have any of these as my number 1 but I had to choose. Decision was based on the actors, characters, storyline, and flaws… Here we go!

5. Goblin – Korean


Friday and Saturday has been lonely for a year so I’m glad to have Goblin replaced those days. Instead of the romance, I wanted to point out that the bromance was just as hot as the romance. Goblin had lived for 900 years which is a looonnnggg time, however, when it was time to be set free, it was too hard to do it because of his love for his bride. For once, he wanted to live for another 900 years to be with her.

Goblin can live forever but  human has a time of death and Goblin can’t always save her.  Even the Grim Reaper wasn’t able to save her when he knew everyone’s time of death and the cause of it but his job is to only guide the die to the door.  Overall, the love between the Goblin and the Goblin’s bride was a bitter sweet relationship but it was that kind of bitter that you end up loving more as you keep watching it.


4. Beloved Loyal Wife – Thai


To be engaged when you were not even born and to finally go through the wedding when you reach adulthood and the scariest part of it all, you haven’t met the significant other.  It’s always hard in the beginning but as time progress, you fall in love and your significant other becomes the most important person in your life. But there’s always something interfering that happiness and you’ll have to find ways to get away from everyone even if you have to bring your wife to work with you. Most importantly, you get to spend the quiet time with her and you get to see her smile when you come home from work.  What’s there not to love her when she’s the best loyal wife anyone can ask for?


The sweetest part of it all, no matter how mad he was at her, he still cuddle with her in bed.  Her sacrifice of freedom to protect her adopted family makes her an even better (innocent) person on his list.  At the end of the day, he’s in love with her and he only wants to be with her.

3. When a Snail Falls in Love – Chinese


Wang Kai! Wang Kai! Wang Kai! Hmmmm… It was definitely his year and hoping many more to come in the future.

A crime show about a police officer and his team including the 2 newbies. One of the newbie is a profiler and she doesn’t have the physical fit to run and chase after the bad guys but she’s pretty tough to give it her all to stay on the team.  With the help of the profiler, the police officer begins to learn how to love and be more accepting of people’s opinion instead of facts and evidences.


I love the fact that he starts to trust the one person that is less physical on the team.  He didn’t want her to be on the team because he believes she’s too weak.  However, the more involved she’s in a case, the more he gets to see how intelligent she is.  She didn’t need facts and evidences, she just need to see the crime scene and the people that are involved with the victim to know what’s really going on.  She solves the other half that facts and evidence doesn’t show.  That’s why he starts to see the passion in her that she deserves to be on his team. and maybe his woman too…..

2. Descendant of the Sun – Korean


Oh my love! The love of my life! My universe and My world. Where do I start with you?

I love a drama where I don’t have to think much about, get frustrated about, and be sad about. I mean, there was a part where I was really sad but that was easily erased within 1 episode. Overall, I loved every single minute of this drama. It’s definitely one drama on my watch list over and over again.

I love a man that can protect his men, his frenemy, and his lover.  Most of all, I love that the bromance is super cute just like the romance too.  Love how the girls didn’t like each other at first but end up being good friends because of the two soldiers.

The drama wasn’t perfect but the reason why I love it so much is because there is no 3rd party, no amnesia, no rich/poor, no angry mother, and definitely no “I love you but I can’t be with you.  You deserve better.  Go be with him or her… blah blah blah.”


1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo – Korean


Although, DOTS was my universe, Weightlifing is my oxygen. It helps me be calm and happy every day. Bok-joo and Joon-hyung is the sweetest and cutest couple ever. The way Joo-hyuk cares for Bok-joo as a friend and never once cross his mind why he cared for her so much.

As time goes on, the more he helps her and the more angry he got because of her, he realized that he likes her and he does not want to waste another minute by being her friend only. With Joon-hyung determine to be her boyfriend, Bok-joo took a while but return the love to Joo-hyuk when she realized that he had helped her through all her hard times with sport, love interest, friends, and family. Most of all, he was her number 1 fan and cheered her up everytime she had doubts about anything.drama20

This drama had me falling in love all over again. Makes me want to go back to 1st crush and 1st love kind of feeling. Weightlifting have been the most wonderful thing that happened to me since Big Bang (since 2010). I’m glad that I picked you to watched when other great dramas were on too.


Thank you Weightlifting! Thank you to all the actors! I found my new love, Nam Joo-hyuk.


See everyone in 2018!

***Credit to all those that create these pictures on google.  Thank you so much!!!!***

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo  Beloved Loyal Wife aka Padiwaradda  Love O2O aka Love Online 2 Offline starring Zheng Shuang & Yang Yang  Descendants of the Sun

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


Our main hero is 4th Prince Wang So (Lee Joon-gi) and leading lady is Go Ha-jin/Hae Soo (IU). Go Ha-jin is transported back to Goryeo Dynasty during an eclipse of the sun while she was trying to save a kid from drowning. She wakes up in the body of Hae Soo who is the cousin of 8th Prince Wang Wook’s (Kang Ha-neul) wife. Wook starts falling for Hae Soo since she’s a bit more bubbly and outgoing. However, Wook’s wife became sick and dies. Wook and Hae Soo sort of start a relationship, secretly.

While all of this is happening with the Wook’s family, in the main palace King Taejo (Jo Min-ki) has to be careful who he should trust if something was to happen to him because  things will be hard for the Crown Prince Wang Mu (Kim San-ho). Wang So comes back to the palace after a few years and he is the black sheep in the family. He offers the King a deal to stay in the palace. The King agrees because he knows Wang So is a good person and can be trusted after hearing and seeing what Wang So has accomplished since he’s been away from the Palace. However, Wang So can’t seem to receive the same kind of care and love from his own mother Dowager Empress Yoo (Park Ji-young) who is Taejo’s third Queen. While Wang So stays in the Palace, he keeps his ears and eyes open for the King in case anything strange happen.

Hae Soo was appointed to marry the King Taejo due to Wook’s sister and mother’s plan but all the good princes tries to do everything in their power to stop the wedding. In order to not marry the King, Hae So had to cut her wrist to leave a scar on her body.  King don’t marry anyone with a scar.  Therefore, Hae So became a consort of the palace instead.

So Hae Soo was framed for attempted murder of Wang So but the head of the consort and Hae Soo’s guidance/trainer (king’s first love) took the fall for it instead.  When Hae Soo finds out, she tries to plead the King to get it reverse. She kneel in front of the palace for days and Wang Wook was nowhere in her sight but Wang So was by her side and that’s how Wang So and Hae Soo starts their relationship.


Wang Wook strives to become King because he wanted the power to control yet he was making all the wrong choices and choosing the wrong sides. Wang So never wanted to become King. He just wanted to be acknowledged by his mother and received love like everyone else in the palace. With all the greed and power hungry going on and the 3rd prince being King, Wang So wanted to be king for once in his life.  Wang So knew he had to do something. So he became a dog for the 3rd prince to boss around and plans an ambush when the time was right. At last, Wang So succeeded and became King.

Wang So and Hae Soo were happy for a moment, things became heated when Wang So had to marry someone no other than Hawngbo Yeon-hwa (Kang Han-na), Wang Wook’s sister, in order, to keep the power families to be on Wang So’s side. As much as Wang So refused, Hae Soo convinced him by promising him that she won’t go anywhere and will be by his side. Yet, that promise didn’t last long when Hae Soo couldn’t accept the fact that one of her real good friend was punished by Wang So. Her good friend was a traitor or a snitch/spy for the 9th prince. Hae Soo believes that the punishment was too harsh. She wanted to leave and Wang So won’t let her leave. So Wang Wook and Wang Jung helps Hae Soo leave the palace by telling Wang So that Wang Wook and Hae Soo were once in love. Wang So was angry and told Hae Soo, she can leave the palace and he never wants to see her again.


Although, Hae Soo and Wang Jung are married, they never once had that kind of relationship. Wang Jung finds out that Hae Soo is pregnant but it’ll be hard for her since she has a disease or illness. She still wanted to have the baby and will do her best to give birth. She write letters to Wang So but Wang Jung feels that it might not get to Wang So since it was Hae Soo writings. Wang Jung put it in another envelope but Wang So didn’t want to read it since it was from Wang Jung.  Hae Soo gives birth and dies a couple days later.  Finally, Wang So hears the news about Hae Soo and he opens all the letters. He goes to Wang Jung and takes Hae Soo’s ashes.

Hae Soo wakes up as Ha-jin in the modern world stating it’s been one whole year since she was in a coma. The story ends with Ha-jin seeing pictures of everything that has happened and realized that it wasn’t a dream afterall. She was happy to see that Wang So became a good King but she was sad that she had to leave him all alone. As for Wang So, even though a lot of people left his side, he was able to accomplished a few things to keep the country steady and his people safe. He finds out that Hae Soo gave birth to his daughter. And at the very end, Wang So stated that if Hae So is from a different world, he will find her….. (hoping for season 2)


My thoughts: This drama left me the same feeling when I finish watching Princess Ja Myung-go. I had loads of questions but my main questions are, did Hae So love Wang Wook or Wang So out of pity? Did Wang Wook love Hae So because he didn’t receive the sparks from his wife anymore? I have no questions on Wang So’s love for Hae So. He pretty much spoke his mind in the drama why he loves her and how much he loves her. His emotions and actions says it all. His love for Hae So is more powerful than his authority as a King.

This drama wasn’t perfect but it had me wanting more of So and Soo.  The second season for the Chinese version was pretty bad so I do hope for a second season of the Korean version.  All we can do now is pray for it and hope all actors sign up again, well, at least So, Soo, and Wook will sign for it….


Beloved Loyal Wife aka Padiwaradda

Salan (James Jirayu) is a police officer and he has been dating Duang (Mint Natwara). Salan was rich at one point until his dad file for bankruptcy and committed suicide.  The dad left nothing to Salan and his mom, Khun Ying Kaew (Sukapat Jintara Mam), therefore, they had to move out of their home. Kun Ying Kaew moved to the country side while Salan stayed at the Temple to finish his studies. Duang comes from a rich family too, however, she stayed by Salan’s side through all those years.  When Salan proposed to her, Duang confessed that she can’t since her parents want her to marry a hi-so man. Salan jumps off a bride into the water to commit suicide but he was saved by his best friend, Chalat (Krit Amornchailerk).

After that incident, Salan decides to accept a dangerous job in a warzone area. At the same time, his mom couldn’t stand seeing her son sad, she wrote a letter to a friend about the promise they made regarding having the kids get marry when they are older. The friend has 2 daughters and another daughter, Rin, that they found on their doorstep. They treat her like their own daughter though. The older daughter Braralee (Pimthong) didn’t want to get marry to anyone else except her boyfriend. So the parents asked the younger daughter to which she responded no because she still wants to continue school. The father felt bad that both daughters didn’t agree to the marriage yet he didn’t want to break the promise to his good friend either. Rin (Bella) seeing the guilt in the father, she wished she can do something to help. The mother decided to ask Rin if she will do it. Since they raised her and never once treated her bad, Rin agreed as a way to pay them back after all those years. The parents officially adopted Rin and send her off to Salan since he left town for his job already.


Little did everyone know Salan already knew that Rin wasn’t Braralee because Chalat told Salan who Braralee was when they attended a party in the city before Salan left for his job. However, Salan decided to not question Rin: He wanted to know why they sent Rin and why she agreed to the marriage when she’s not the real Braralee so he married her to find out the true intention.

Duang comes back to Salan on his wedding day, but Salan went through with the wedding anyway.  Duang being stubborn and wants Salan back, decides to stay in the house next door.  She continues to stir things up between Salan and Rin.

As for Salan and Rin living situation, they lived with each other in the same house but they sleeps in separate rooms. Rin does things as a loyal wife (per title) for Salan and makes him happy such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry. He enjoys having her around. Day by day, he wants to be with her without even realizing his true feelings.

Things get more complicated when Rin’s guy friend Arrunlerk (Ball Asanai) comes looking for her.  Since Duang is still there, Duang and Arrunlerk make things even harder for Salan and Rin.  Salan wasn’t too happy to see that Rin actually has a guy friend that cares about her so much. Salan and Rin starts to care about each other’s feelings a bit more and tries to work things out between them by not allowing third parties to interfere with their marriage.

So, Salan takes Rin to the forest to stay with him and get away from Duang and Arrunlerk. That’s when Salan gave clues to Rin that he’s in love with her. Rin didn’t find out until Salan went on the mission to hunt for the bad guys. Salan likes folding papers into airplanes and Rin didn’t think much about them until she found one in her suitcase and opened it up to a message. She opened all of the airplanes and there was a message in every single one of them for her. Rin was a bit scared that Salan might not come back from his mission but Salan came back just fine. From there, they fell madly in love and finally they went to get their marriage license.


Salan still wants Rin to confess that Rin is not the real Braralee and he keeps asking her if there was anything that she’s keeping away from him. Of course, she said no. She doesn’t think much of it because her parents are like her real parents.  When everything seems to be working out just fine, Duang started to investigate Rin. Chalat starts looking for his lost sister since his dying dad is requesting for the search. Come to find out, Rin is Chalat’s sister but it all went downhill when Duang told everyone the whole story about how she’s became Salan’s wife. Salan wasn’t too happy because he knew it but just didn’t want to believe that Rin lied to him. Rin’s dad stood up for her saying even though Rin isn’t their real daughter, they all treated her like one though. That’s the one best thing in his life to give away. Dad knows that Salan is good person or else, he will never send Rin.

To Salan, it wasn’t even about the truth from everyone. It was the fact that Rin couldn’t tell him the truth. Also the fact that now Rin is actually rich so their statuses are very different now. However, Salan doesn’t want a divorce but he thinks the separation will be good for the both of them. So he allowed Rin to go stay with her real dad for a while. The space gave them time to think about their marriage. At the end, Rin is Salan’s wife and she’s okay with just being his wife and being the same ol’ Rin. Yet Salan realized that no matter what, he just wants Rin even if she’s rich or hi-so that doesn’t change the fact that Rin is still his wife and the one person he can’t live without.


My thoughts: One of the best Thai Lakorn that I’ve seen since Rang Pratana (2013). There are a lot of things I love about this lakorn. One: Salan plays by James who is so cute yet he plays a badass cop who has no fear of dying. He’s more scared of falling in love than dying. There was a conversation someone telling Salan that he enjoys the thrill of actions because it’s like he’s asking to die since he feels he has nothing worth living for. But he needed to realize that Rin and his mother are worth it. Second: Rin plays by Bella acts like a slave and an innocent girl yet she throws a bitch fit when it comes to Salan. She doesn’t know why or how that attitude came upon her. All her life, she never once shouted at anyone or was frustrated at all. Salan seems to get the best of Rin. Third: Their love is crazy, the good kind of crazy though. Their chemistry was smoking hot! And I don’t think any actors/actresses could have pull off Salan and Rin like how James and Bella did. A lot of Kudos to them!



Uncontrollably Fond

I want to get this off my chest…. First time watching Suzy in a drama and can I just say, I thought Ariel Lin was annoying. Suzy beats Ariel. Don’t get me wrong. I love Ariel as actress. I’ve seen plenty of Ariel’s dramas and yet every time, I still think she’s annoying but Ariel can play her characters so well. However, Suzy still has a long way to go so I give her props and kudos for this drama. (Side note: I still can’t believe Lee Min-ho and Suzy are dating. I never saw that coming. Not hating, just saying)


Shin Joon-young (plays by Kim Woo-bin) and No Eul (plays by Bae Suzy) met each other in high school. Joon-young was a popular guy that all the girls swoon over even No Eul but her friend and Joon-young were sort of dating. Joon-young breaks up with the friend and No Eul goes and confront him. For the embarrassment incident, Joon-young goes to the front of the school with a teddy bear, held onto No Eul’s arm and shouted loud that today was their anniversary. Although, they were never really in a real relationship, they had something between them. It comes to an end between them when No Eul’s dad was hit by a car and a lawyer Choi Hyeon-joon (plays by Yu Oh-seong) was hired to pay off and clear the driver’s name Yoon Jeong-eun (plays by Lim Ju-eun). Joon-young found out that the one lawyer that he looks up to is his real dad and he worked on No Eul’s dads’ case. No Eul was going to expose the lawyer but Joon-young wants to protect everyone including his dad, he snatch No Eul’s bag and No Eul runs after him and gets hit with a car. Joon-young gave up on becoming a prosecutor and stop seeing No Eul after that accident. Years gone by, Joon-young is a well-known celebrity while No Eul works as documentary producer. However, she’s takes bribe from company to not be expose but when her boss found out, she got fired. She finds out that people are trying to do a documentary on Joon-young and since she’s fired and has no job, she decides to offer them that if she can make Joon-young do the documentary, she gets paid. No one believed her since Joon-young was always stubborn and only does what he wants. However, no one knows that Joon-young is dying and that’s why he refuses to do more things. When he sees No Eul, things get complicated. He wanted to know how she’s doing but he never wanted her back in his life at the time. As much as Joon-young push No Eul away, No Eul pushes back. He finally agrees to the documentary if she’s the one that interviews him and follows him around every day.

Shin Joon-young wanted to make up the time lost for No Eul and him. The more he got to know everyone such as his dad, his dad’s wife Jung Seon-kung (plays by Lee Eun-so), half-brother Choi Ji-tae (plays by Lim Ju-hwan), his mother Shin Young-ok (plays by Jin Kyung), and No Eul, he wanted revenge (except his mother and No Eul) to pay No Eul back for the bad things that had happen to her. He took it upon himself to finish the job that they all started towards No Eul. He goes on a limp to find out about the hit and run and who’s the driver. He also finds out the half-brother’s mission why he’s sticking to No Eul’s side all along and lying about his identity. Best of all, he gets to confess to his mom why he quit trying to be a prosecutor and open his mom’s eyes about the dad.

Overall, the drama had flaws, a lot of them but what kept me was the passion and fire in Joon-young. He’s dying and he only has this much time to either be happy with No Eul or he can make his mother and No Eul happy by untangling everyone’s bad deeds. At the end, he accomplished both tasks. Even though, he didn’t really remember No Eul when they got to be with each other but being with each other till his last breath was all it matters.